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Our rhino linings providing good and quality products for our clients, here many of things are you having also you having the strength and durability, but we are giving the tuff stuff elastomeric properties to allow for vibration, expansion, flexing, contraction and movements.

Service of rhino linings

*      Rhino Ute liner

*      Water proofing systems

*      Protective coatings

*      Marine applications

*      Floor coatings

We are giving our best services in our field; we are protecting millions of vehicles from corrosion, rust, impact and abrasion. Here top coast is suggested with weather and resistance sealing.

Our typical industrial applications are

·         skid resistant truck beds

·         Truck lift gates

·         Commercial trucks and cargo trailers

·         vehicles and Military trucks tanks

·         Vibration applications

Marine applications

From Corrosive effects of salt water, sea air and abrasion we are protecting the boats and marine vessels. Our services in marine applications are coatings, flexible industrial-grade protective linings and virtually different vehicle and marine applications. Free maintenance, No waxing, repainting, sanding and easy-to-clean. 

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